The life and work of Jeannette-Thérese Obstoj


Worldly and other-worldly: connecting and communicating through her dreams and dreaming, moving, boundary free, between the ‘then and now’, the ‘here and there’. Performing the role of conduit, the skill and beauty of her art reaching even beyond the boundless horizons of her imagination, to intrigue and inform the onlooker, the receiver and interpreter.

Elf and sprite: awash with elvish acts, hidden buckets and bangs suddenly revealed to catch the unaware, the uninitiated and even the prepared. Suffering fools not at all lightly, intolerant of pomposity, delighting in drenching and exploding it out of existence, where-ever found, whilst, at the same time, maintaining a sprite’s lightness, grace and delicacy, encircled with such strength and deeply held integrity. Tenacious and protective of all she believed in, valued and adored.

Ethereal and grounded: a dweller in the spaces, at home within the cityscape and by the wild, Celtic sea. Giving with untrammeled generosity to those fortunate to receive without requesting. Moving beyond the material to reveal the, oft times, painful complexities that accompany the life of an artist and, in so doing, giving to us more of ourselves than we knew existed.

And more than anything, beyond care and kindness, sharing her life with her beloved and with the feathered and the furred, warmed by the heart’s recognition of love in its most unconditional form – given and received.

Jeannette-Therese Obstoj: an extraordinary inspiration, conspirator, provocateur and friend.
By Claire Maxwell


Paintings Jeannette-Therese obstoj

To intrigue and inform…

The space really came to life

Love, humour and creativity

One thing leads to another